Acoustic technology. Most recent development.

acousticpearls – the name for acoustically comfortable furnishing
systems. Functionality so far unsurpassed, variety in design
so far unequalled. Particularly striking: the clear and minimalistic
language of colour and design.

The culture of sitting and eating. In perfection.

Andreu World – stands primarily for consistency. This first-class
manufacturer consistently produces tables and chairs exclusively.
With the consequence that, from design until the final step of
production, everything bearing the name Andreu World is even
produced locally. Equally consistent: the select range – guaranteeing
consistent quality.

Beauty requires order.

The Arsnova-Collection gives structure to the world of living
and working. And creates scope. With intelligent, flexible
and tailor-made fitting systems.

Light. Made in Italy.

Artemide – the future of light technology always a ray of light
ahead. Nowhere else in the world does one find such
a high level of pooled light. And there is a reason. There is
no separation of product development and design:
the best engineers work hand in hand with the best designers.
The result: classic contemporary lighting designs bear
the name Artemide.

Avant-garde sitting sculptures which are also comfortable.

Artifort – stages its upholstered landscapes and doesn’t only bring us furniture, but also asks questions.
Where does tradition end and modernity begin? No matter what the answer looks like, it is always
extremely comfortable. This first-class manufacturer originated in the Netherlands, in the sixties.
Design icons are still produced there to this day, with no end in sight.

Lights ON. Atmosphere ON.

BELUX – lends character to light. Lighting for the living area
makes light ideal for everyday living. That means they are also
indispensable components of the spatial composition – accentuating,
creating structure. The design language: sometimes minimalistic,
sometimes poetically decorated. The materials: long-lived.

Ancient, yet sparkling.

BISAZZA – a promise. And a journey through time. The glass mosaics are produced
according to century-old methods almost exclusively by hand. They shimmer colourfully
and metallically. They beautify the interior and exterior furnishings. And are a
component of the BISAZZA home and bathroom collection.

When handcraft becomes art.

Ceccotti collezioni – character meets the art of handcraft. The result:
a powerful, organic design language, which light footedly links classic elegance
to modern flair. Each piece a masterpiece. Each piece handmade.

Everything modular. Everything hardwearing. Everything combinable.

The modular office furniture systems of Denz – offer more of everything.
More colour variations that one can imagine. More materials than
one can imagine. More combination options that one can imagine.
A sensual challenge for the imagination.

Bright, radical, young.

Diesel with Forscarini – a shining example of
what is possible where there is a common vision,
and something new is consistently created.
With unconventional ideas. With unconventional
materials. With courage and foresight.

Foscarini – Emotions are what drive us.

Foscarini – investigates our longings. And keeps finding
more materials, new shapes and production technologies
in order to stage spaces which are more than just
living spaces. Spaces as a stage for our imagination.
Spaces as a consistent process.

When light takes a shape.

Kreon – the architecture of a ray of light. It is not the
lighting which is the centre point, but the pure light.
The sensory result: the light merges almost unnoticeably
with the architecture.

Design Lab.

Magis – visions are never conventional. Nor are style-marking results.
Therefore Magis renounces its own production sites. Not, however,
the ideas of the best furniture designers. Thus something emerges which has
never been seen before. Something unexpected. Something style-marking.
Contemporary design – from the Magis design-laboratory.

The Future Ahead.

marset – impresses through rafinesse and creative curiosity. Light
impressions which follow a clear idea. Lighting that is already
documenting what one could imagine doing with light in the future.

Pooled light competence with IQ.

Regent – stands for clarity and structure. And flexibility. For each
body of light from the Swiss light competence centre offers
sufficient IQ to playfully adapt to any environment and requirement.
No matter whether in living or working spaces.

Furniture for people of a high calibre.

Renz – the result of hard work, so that the toughness
of everyday office life doesn’t feel tough. Consistently intelligent:
demands on design, ergonomics and clear function receive
equal amounts of attention. Consistently thought through:
whether workplace or conference system –
everything in minimalistic design.

The stylish answer to the chaos theory.

Rexite – the noble connection between order AND beauty. Aesthetically
pleasing office furniture and unconventional desk accessories make
everyday office life easier. And the proof: it doesn’t only make sense
to keep things tidy. It’s also nice to look at.

Looks dazzling without dazzling anyone.

silentgliss – made to measure. And defines worldwide quality standards.
The result: light and dazzle-protection systems for the controlled
dosage of daylight. The clientele: the high-end market. The promise:
silentgliss is the worldwide leading provider. A dazzling reference.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Ergonomics

Steelcase – research laboratory according to the working humanity. For ergonomics
is science. Only Steelcase doesn’t publish any studies, but instantly impresses
with office furnishings and space solutions which define the standards of efficiency,
ergonomics, health, quality and sustainability.

Unique amongst furniture manufacturers.

Team by Wellis – brings beauty, clarity and structure to the world. With a
distinctive design language, which is based on a clear design principle:
no compromises in quality. The result: uniqueness which is entirely hand made.
An unalterable Swiss design principle.

The future of furniture design.

vitra. – always a genius design ahead of the future of furniture design. Vitra can be
described in this unpretentious way. Equally reflected is the attitude to design
in the vitra house. One considers people in their entirety. Their social context.
And creates furniture that is style-marking. Reflection of a period.
Icons of modernity – for the people of the new millennium.

Comfort meets exclusivity.

Walter Knoll – the promise of exclusive upholstery. For elegance and comfort.
For timeless design and comfort. And for highest quality German workmanship.
Almost as beautiful as the classic design are the installation possibilities of
the sophisticated comfort zones: they fit seamlessly into all living concepts.
Beautiful in shape, but not unobtrusive.

Structured dwellings for files and odds and ends.

werner works – the name says it all. Even more: werner works proves how
beautiful, high-quality and comfortable functional storage space can be.
In focus: the user-friendliness. The result: All systems are tailor made.
The programme: reception, cupboard and shelving systems. The résumé:
werner works produces high-quality office and object furnishings which
are more than just storage space.

In the name of beauty.

Achieves the balancing act between high quality demands and high unit numbers. With playful ease, one designs
a distinctive design standard year in, year out. Naturally all the exhibits are industrially manufactured. The result
of this non dogmatic mentality: flashes of genius and design classics have been bearing the name Zanotta for decades.